What You Need To Know About Dry Needling

It’s like acupuncture, yes, but with its own set of Western risks

Mother Nature Network July 2016Four Flowers Wellness on Dry Needling

“I treat clients with a variety of pain complaints and incorporate trigger point dry needling, especially in cases of musculoskeletal pain,” says Ashley Flores, a licensed acupuncturist in Chicago who is trained in trigger point dry needling. “I don’t generally recommend this treatment as a regular part of clients’ healthcare routine as I don’t find it to be beneficial outside of releasing trigger points and balancing muscular function.”

It’s also somewhat of a more “aggressive” technique.

“There’s potential discomfort that can go along with it,” she says. “At the same time, I will say that when called for, trigger point dry needling techniques can be incredibly effective and can relieve pain quickly and with few side effects.”


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