Natural Prenatal Care for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Natural Support for All Your Pregnancy Needs

First Trimester

Threatened Miscarriage

Digestive System

Threatened Miscarriage
Morning Sickness
Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Aches & Pains

Back Pain
Headaches & Migraines
Leg Cramps
Carpal Tunnel
Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)
Pelvic Pain

Third Trimester

Breech Position
High Blood Pressure

Labor & Delivery

Labor Induction
Labor Preparation


Milk Supply

Your Initial Consultation is Free.

Come in and meet us in person. Learn more about our approach and what we do. The free consultation is an opportunity to review your health history and goals and see if you’re comfortable with our philosophy and recommendations.

Gentle Acupuncture

We use tiny needles to get dramatic shifts by smoothing out hormonal shifts, improving blood flow, and reducing inflammation. Acupuncture activates and awakens your body’s innate healing process while regulating your nervous system to help to rest and heal.

Making an herbal remedy

Herbs & Supplements

Our custom-formulated herbal remedies and nutritional supplements work together to address your patterns. There are many herbs that are safe to use in pregnancy that can help with everything from sleep to blood pressure.

Vegetables for Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

We teach you simple yet powerful strategies for using the food you eat to optimize your health without letting it take over your life. Small changes can support your healthy pregnancy and nourish your baby’s body too. And we’ll never ask you to give up chocolate.

Woman practicing deep breathing relaxation

Supportive Lifestyle

Create a lifestyle that works for you and your healthy pregnancy. We will help you build a toolbox of simple strategies that fit into your life, support you and your baby, and help you feel more vibrant along the way. We know how busy life can get so we keep our recommendations simple and manageable.

Morning Sickness

Every woman I know anticipates nausea and morning sickness as a miserable but necessary part of pregnancy. While not every pregnant woman experiences this malady, many do, but acupuncture and herbs can help reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms. Research shows that weekly acupuncture treatment lessens nausea, retching, and vomiting in early pregnancy. In more severe cases, acupuncture and herbs can help women avoid the use of medication to manage their symptoms.

Muscular & Skeletal Pain

For many women, the later stages of pregnancy are difficult because of pain. As the baby grows and puts increasing pressure on the mother’s body, she may develop muscular or skeletal pain, such as back pain, sciatica, or symphysis pubis (pubic bone) pain. Acupuncture and shiatsu massage can be a much-needed form of relief, lessening pain and discomfort, and without the dangers of pain medications during pregnancy.

Breech Position

Towards the end of pregnancy, most babies will rotate into a head down position in preparation for birth. Breech, or head-up position, occurs in 3-5% of pregnancies at term, and typically indicates a cesarean birth. Acupuncturists may use both needles and a moxibustion technique to encourage baby to move into optimal position for delivery. Read all about Breech Position and Eastern Medicine here.

Audrey and Charlie’s IVF Journey

Audrey and Charlie’s IVF Journey

When I first met Audrey and Charlie, they had been trying to conceive their first child for over 4 years. When it became clear after a year that a pregnancy wasn’t going to be as easy to achieve as they’d hoped, they began looking for answers. Not long after, Charlie...

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Why Our Holistic Approach to Prenatal Care is So Effective

We Focus on Gentle Care that Benefits Mother and Baby

We understand that your baby is your top priority, but that mothers need to feel healthy and comfortable, too. Our techniques can relieve mom’s illness and discomfort, but also support you in having a healthy pregnancy for your baby.

Our Holistic Tools Give You Control Of Your Pregnancy

There is so much you can do to improve your health and comfort during pregnancy. Acupuncture and simple herbal remedies are both powerful tools to relieve all of your pregnancy ailments. Other small shifts we will recommend will also help you experience the pregnancy and birth you’re dreaming of.

We See You as a Whole, Unbroken Person

We know that you’re more than just your pain or your diagnosis, so that’s how we treat you. We also know that you aren’t broken and in need of fixing. Our approach takes into account your mind and your whole body. This means that you not only get the best holistic care that gently guides you back into balance, but that our approach also helps you feel better along the way. 

Your Initial Consultation is Free.

Come in and meet us in person. Learn more about our approach and what we do. The free consultation is an opportunity to review your health history and goals and see if you’re comfortable with our philosophy and recommendations.

What to Expect


At your free consultation, we will review your health history, current condition, and goals, and lay out a plan to get you there. Have your questions answered and see if you’re comfortable with our approach and recommendations. Request your free consultation here.


During you initial visit, we dive deep to get a crystal clear understanding of your root cause patterns. We ask lots of questions, feel your pulse, and check for areas of tension or pain, all to inform our understanding of your body and what treatments are the best fit for you. You will have your first acupuncture treatment at this visit and leave with a simple treatment plan to guide you.


Each week you return for follow-up acupuncture sessions to keep you moving forward. We will check on your progress, make adjustments as needed, and keep your momentum going.


Once you’re feeling great we help you transition toward maintaining your results. We gradually increase the time between sessions until you no longer need to come in regularly (although lots of folks love their monthly self-care visits!)

Common Questions

Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy?
Yes, absolutely! Acupuncture is perfectly safe for both mother and baby. We have extensive training in acupuncture for pregnancy so you can be sure we know exactly where and how to place each point in the safest way.
What about taking herbs during pregnancy?
While we also have extensive training is the safe usage of herbs and supplements during pregnancy, we also lean towards caution. Your comfort level is our main concern, so the choice to take (or not to take) herbs is always yours.
How many sessions will I need?
The number of treatments needed to provide complete relief from a symptom varies significantly from person to person, and from situation to situation.  Most patients receive 1 to 2 treatments per week. Some simple and acute complaints may resolve within 2-3 sessions, while more chronic or complex conditions may require regular treatment for 3 months or longer. After learning more about you and your health history, we will discuss a treatment plan and initial course of treatment to suit your symptoms and health goals.
East Asian Medicine addresses both the underlying imbalance (the root) and the symptom (the branch), so it isn’t a quick fix, but does deliver lasting results.

I was able to be vulnerable and honest with Ashley right away...

“I was able to be vulnerable and honest with Ashley right away, which made my acupuncture session really incredible. Ashley is calm, welcoming, empathetic, and very easy to understand. She is exactly what you want to be around when you want this experience. Thank you!”


I am very pleased with the deep healing and increased energy...

“I am seeing Ashley for acupuncture and herbal treatments regularly. In just 3 treatments my symptoms are resolving and I feel better. She is fully present and takes the time to listen to me at each appointment. Her healing presence, years of experience and knowledge of the healing arts is bringing my body into harmony and wholeness. I am very pleased with the deep healing and increased energy. May you and your loved ones receive blessings upon blessings. Thank you, Ashley.”


Ashley not only listens to your concerns but to your body as well...

“Ashley not only listens to your concerns but to your body as well. Last visit I had a cold that was gone within 24 hours of treatment. A relaxing environment and a soothing treatment. I love her recommendations of herbs upon leaving each visit. I highly recommend! Today Ashley got out a knot in my shoulder that has been affecting my range of motion with her magic needles. She is the best!”

-Lori S

Ashley is a wonderful acupuncturist...I appreciate every single visit I have with her...

“Ashley is a wonderful acupuncturist. She is a great listener, and is very focused and technique driven during her session. When coming to see her you definitely feel that she is really actively finding all the pieces of the puzzle and working through them so you get the best results. I appreciate every single visit I have with her.

Regular sessions with her have helped my acne, anxiety, stress, menstrual cycle, and best of all- sleep! Most of my life I’ve spent tossing and turning, waking up every few hours. I now sleep much more soundly, consistently. I highly recommend!”

-Kat A

You must do this. It can be life changing!

“Ashley is excellent at what she does. She is professional, knowledgeable, clear and compassionate. I have tried several types of bodywork in my life, and I very strongly recommend Shiatsu with Ashley. I chose to do a series of Shiatsu sessions to get my body and mind off to the right start. So I did one session every week for 4 weeks, and then moved to one session a month to maintain. It is worth the money, and in fact, is a bargain considering how much my life has changed since I first tried Shiatsu. I noticed immediate and huge benefits following the very first session, and in each session afterwards. Some key benefits I noticed were: immediate and long-term relief from TMJ (I had surgery for jaw clenching, and this is a severe issue for me), decreased stress levels, better focus on my work and personal goals, a balanced overall feeling of wellness and happiness, increased circulation, and a huge increase in flexibility in my shoulders, back, hips and legs. You must do this. It can be life changing! Especially if you look at it as investment in your health and future!

-Laura H

Every time I leave her office I feel completely relieved of my stress and ailments...

“I’ve gone to Ashley Flores for acupuncture on a regular basis.  Every time I leave her office I feel completely relieved of my stress and ailments.  She has helped relieve my back pain, stomach pain, female “issues” and the stress brought on by my every day life.   Ashley is extremely calming in her nature, she asks thorough questions and has a way of making me feel very relaxed.  Extremely professional with a caring nature.

-Stephanie M

My Shiatsu session with Ashley yesterday was simply amazing...

“My Shiatsu session with Ashley yesterday was simply amazing. I still feel the effects of it. Today, I feel free in my own body; I feel free of pain. I feel taller, looser and in general, much happier and stress free. Additionally, I can feel muscles I haven’t felt in years, and have regained flexibility. I have already booked another appointment, as I see Shiatsu as a way to create real and permanent change in my body, and improve my overall health. Don’t hesitate. Work with Ashley NOW.


The acupuncture itself was amazing and my body felt like it was in another world...

“Ashley is extremely knowledgeable and I immediately felt like I could really open up to her. I was not rushed at all and she followed up with me after a few days. The acupuncture itself was amazing and my body felt like it was in another world – if you’re interested in Acupuncture definitely see Ashley.


I will absolutely be returning to Ashley at Four Flowers Wellness!

“I really enjoyed my first acupuncture experience. Ashley has a calm, knowledgable way about her that made me feel comfortable. The consultation was not rushed, it felt like she was truly absorbing my history and goals. I didn’t immediately feel a “change” that I can describe, but as days go by I feel tension patterns dissipating, which is thrilling. I will absolutely be returning to Ashley at Four Flowers Wellness!.


*Individual results vary. We provide no offer or guarantee of immediate or permanent results. Your individual experience will depend on numerous factors.