Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine for Pain

Where there is pain, there is no movement, and where there is movement there is no pain.

Woman massaging pain back isolated on white

Bu Tong Ze Tong, Tong Ze Bu Tong.

-Traditional Chinese Saying

According to East Asian medical thought, pain indicates a loss of movement or a lack of smooth flow.  Treatment aims to restore movement to the painful area in order to relieve tension and banish discomfort.  This simple idea is always the starting point when treating pain, and one of the reasons that East Asian Medicine is such an outstanding method of relief.  Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and the lesser-known cupping and Guasha, all increase circulation and reduce constriction, thereby increasing movement or smooth flow and relieving pain.

Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine relieves many types of pain: chronic and acute, inflammatory and degenerative, in many locations from the neck and shoulders to the back to the toes.  It is estimated that 116 million Americans suffer with chronic pain each year, most of whom could benefit from better treatment and care.  Millions more experience shorter bouts of pain each year.  Research is confirming more and more that acupuncture, massage, and East Asian Medicine are very effective and valuable treatment options.

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