Holistic Care for Your Body and Mind

Four Flowers Wellness is an Eastern Medicine and holistic healthcare practice dedicated to helping you restore your health and vitality. We use the most gentle and effective natural treatments to remove obstacles to healing and support your body and mind during the process.

No matter your diagnosis, our process begins with identifying root causes, continues with a simple treatment plan to guide you, and follows up with ongoing support to continue your progress. Each session is individually tailored to fit you, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, supplement recommendations, nutrition and lifestyle advice.

If you’re tired of being reduced to a list of symptoms, we will help you find the common thread. If you’re following doctor’s orders and still not feeling well, we will help you find the path to feeling better. If you want to find a better way to heal, we will be your partner in health.

Your Initial Consultation is Free.

Come in and meet us in person. Learn more about our approach and what we do. The free consultation is an opportunity to review your health history and goals and see if you’re comfortable with our philosophy and recommendations.

In just 3 treatments my symptoms are resolving and I feel better. She is fully present and takes the time to listen to me at each appointment. Her healing presence, years of experience and knowledge of the healing arts is bringing my body into harmony and wholeness.


I went to see Ashley for treatment for my sinuses. After spending literally hundreds of dollars at specialists and ENTs, my chronic congestion and sinus pressure began to be alleviated after one initial visit here. I returned for monthly visits to complete my treatment and could not be more pleased with my experience and the outcome. I highly recommend Ashley and her practice!


This is my first acupuncture experience and it has truly been life-changing. I came to Ashley with a few areas to focus on and she has been able to address them wonderfully. I have not just benefited from the acupuncture, but the herbs and other evidence-based advice she has provided me with. Anyone looking for a knowledgeable, resourceful, patient-centered provider should seek out Ashley. Anyone who is hesitant or unsure about acupuncture should most definitely give it a try, you will not regret it.