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Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine to help you have a body that feels great, balanced hormones, steady moods, optimal fertility, and an abundant life.

Our bodies know how to heal and find balance. As a holistic healthcare practice, our goal is to remove obstacles to healing and create the space your body needs to allow those innate healing mechanisms to unfold. 

We collaborate with you to dig deep, uncover the patterns that are holding you back, and create a comprehensive (yet do-able!) plan that will take you from where you are now to a full, balanced, fertile & vital life. We use acupuncture, herbalism, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine to help people feel great in their bodies and empowered in their health.


Trying to Conceive
Fertile Cycles
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Complex Infertility

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IVF for Unexplained Infertility
Low Ovarian Reserve
Poor Egg Quality
Male Factor
Frozen Embryo Transfer


Morning Sickness
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Labor Preparation
Anxiety & Depression
Breech Position


Irregular Cycles
Weight Gain
Anxiety & Depression

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Painful Periods
Thyroid & Autoimmune


Neck Pain
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Anxiety & Mood

Anxiety Disorders
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We believe deeply in the body’s ability to heal itself. We believe because it happens all the time-the cut on your finger last week, the flu you had last winter, that broken ankle from when you were a kid-most of the time you heal without even thinking about it.

When you aren’t healing on your own, your body is letting you know that something is blocking your innate healing from happening.

Our process finds those blocks and works to remove them. We give you a treatment plan with all the tools you need to address the root cause and get you back on the path to healing.

Your Initial Consultation is Free.

Come in and meet us in person. Learn more about our approach and what we do. The free consultation is an opportunity to review your health history and goals and see if you’re comfortable with our philosophy and recommendations.

I have been seeing Ashley since February 2023 for fertility purposes and cannot recommend her and Four Flowers enough! I saw positive progress within just a few sessions, including better sleep and digestion, and got pregnant a few months into our sessions. Ashley goes above and beyond her craft, creating personalized herbal supplements, and recommending reading materials. Ashley is gentle, kind, and a great listener; I always feel relaxed and refreshed after a session. I truly believe that Ashley played a big part in my smooth and healthy pregnancy. I look forward to continuing to see Ashley postpartum and beyond.
My acupuncturist, Patrick, was not only highly skilled but also incredibly attentive to my needs. He took the time to thoroughly explain the process and answer any questions I had, which immediately put me at ease. The treatment itself was gentle and relaxing.
Ashley goes above and beyond to understand your personal needs so she can customize a treatment plan. She helps translate medical advice and offers helpful consultation advice. I have truly appreciated all of her nurturing care and emotional support throughout my fertility journey. I highly recommend seeking her practice for acupuncture services.
I wouldn’t wanna do pregnancy or postpartum without Ashley’s guidance and care! She has provided invaluable knowledge and direction since January 2020 when I began visiting to optimize my chances of conceiving. When a work assignment took me to another city, she found another skilled practitioner to treat me. She always answers my emails and offers recommendations tailored to my needs. As long as I live in Chicago, I won’t see another acupuncturist!
I have been seeing Ashley for about 8 months when I decided to get started on my fertility journey. Ashley played a major role in my successful egg retrieval. In addition to the acupuncture sessions, Ashely was so kind, compassionate, supportive, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Ashley.
Four Flowers Wellness has truly changed my life for the better. During this unpredictable time of womanhood, Ashley has put such a positive spin on my fertility journey. I 11/10 recommend Ashley and Four Flowers.
I have been going to Four Flowers Wellness for approximately 8 months for fertility reasons. I highly recommend Four Flowers Wellness and Ashley. Ashley is professional, compassionate and has been so supportive throughout my fertility journey. When things did not go as expected, she reminded me that my journey was not over and gave me hope again. She respectively offered different perspectives and ideas, including recommending a new fertility clinic, books to read, diet suggestions, etc. I recently got pregnant – naturally! I will continue to get acupuncture with Ashely throughout my pregnancy and afterwards.
Amazing. Both acupuncturists I've seen here are wonderful, and I'm so impressed by the results. It's such a lovely atmosphere and comfortable experience!
I see Dr. Ashley Flores monthly. Each acupuncture appointment makes me feel healthier and eases my pain. I look forward to each session!
I have been going to see Ashley for a year and a half and I look forward to it every time I go! I reached out to Ashley at the beginning of my IVF journey and she has been one of the the best parts of the process. She is such a calming and relaxing presence and puts my mind at ease every time I see her. Acupuncture has helped me feel less stressed and allows me to clear my mind. I highly recommend!
I cannot recommend Ashley and her practice Four Flowers Wellness enough! Ashley is so kind and personable. She's an expert in acupuncture and nontraditional medicine. I loved spending time with her. She made me feel comfortable and helped with all of my concerns and complaints. She offered suggestions and gave me tips to help with my pregnancy and pre-pregnancy. Don't hesitate and schedule a session with her.
I've been going to Ashley for about 6 months now and I've had an incredible experience. She is very attentive and kind. I always leave feeling more at peace.
Highly recommend Ashley and Four Flowers Wellness. I had never done acupuncture before and Ashley really took the time to understand my needs and customized each session based on what I needed that day. I couldn't recommend Four Flowers Wellness enough.
Ashley expertise and holistic approach left me feeling so great, even after just one visit. She was extremely gentle and a great listener. I feel like she was able to get a clear picture of my overall health and lifestyle allowing her cater her treatment and recommendations to my specific needs. Walking out of acupuncture with her was like walking out of a great massage, I felt relaxed and my body felt great!
Overall it’s been great working with Ashley as she has been able to bring me back some hope and optimism. I have also learned quite a few things related to womens health and appreciate all her knowledge.
Ashley is a breath of fresh air! I always walk out feeling rejuvenated and centered. I would recommend to anyone.
Space is sparkling clean, very warm ,welcoming and Ashley is amazing. I went in for tightness around the left shoulder blade and heart fluttering. Ashley did gua sha and acupuncture. I was a little sore the next day, but the heart fluttering despaired and the shoulder felt very light and easy to move.
Ashley is the best acupuncturist in the City of Chicago. She is a great practitioner and listener. Highly recommend.
Ashley is the best acupuncturist in Chicago. Smart, kind and a great listener. I have seen many acupuncturists over the years and she is simply one of the...
Ashley is a master at her craft. She's a deeply knowledgable, compassionate, ever-learning and intuitive practitioner. Working with her has greatly enhanced my health and well-being. Also, the atmosphere at Four Flowers Wellness is lovely, nourishing and so conducive to healing. I highly recommend!
Working with Ashley Flores at Four Flowers Wellness is a pleasure. She really knows very well the Chinese Medicine interpretations, literature and herbal applications and how they compliment and compare with Western treatments, including Functional Medicine. In addition to being an excellent acupuncture practitioner (I've seen a variety of others), she's also an excellent chemist/herbalist. Ashley has created a salve specific to my skin issue that has proved remarkably soothing and healing as well as a powdered herbal treatment that has addressed and nearly cleared up an ongoing thyroid issue. Ashley listens, is thoughtful, clever, encouraging, supportive and has a lovely, patient and kind "bedside manner". I'm ever grateful to have been able to seek out Ashley for treatment as are my family members and friends who have sought out her treatments. Don't hesitate! She's a true professional with great wisdom and insight!
Ashley is professional and warm, the ambiance is relaxing, and you will feel very well taken care of here. Top notch.
Ashley is a fantastic practitioner and I am so grateful to have found her! She is wonderful at healing and is such a kind and thoughtful person.I had not previously tried acupuncture, and was a little nervous at first. Ashley explained everything really well and was super patient and accommodating. I have since seen her regularly as the practice has been incredibly helpful in improving my muscle function and mobility, as well as reducing pain.Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable in her craft and you can tell she really cares for her clients and their health. Her work seems quite intuitive and natural to her, as she can often help me identify a stiff muscle area that I was unaware of. She uses a holistic approach and provides helpful recommendations and additional resources.I always am asking a million questions or bringing up new theories about my body to her, and she is always so supportive and patient with me! She really makes me feel heard and puts in the extra effort to investigate and track down the root causes. I can sense her gears turning when we discuss things, and it really shows how much she cares and wants to help.
I am afraid of needles and was shocked by how relaxing this experience was. Ashley was great to speak with and had a relaxing presence. This was my first experience with acupuncture and she talked me through the steps with ease. I felt very relaxed and have already booked 2 more appointments. I highly recommend
Today was my first time having an acupuncture treatment. I’ve heard different reviews about it, mainly that it’s painful. I was excited and also afraid for my appointment. Ashley did a wonderful job talking me through the entire experience. She was very thorough, soft spoke, a great listener, understanding and compassionate to my situation. I was so relaxed and calm through it all. I think I took a nap at one point lol. I’m looking forward to working with her to assist me with naturally addressing my health issues and concerns. Thank you Ashley for a great experience today. I still feel the zen…..
Ashley has been my acupuncturist for several years now. She is extremely knowledgeable of Chinese medicine and so very intuitive. She generously shares her wisdom and resources. I am always amazed how well I feel after a treatment. She's an integral part of my wellness routine!
Ashley is a wonderful, caring and effective acupuncturist! She helped me heal a chronic condition when I literally thought there was no hope left. She is thoughtful and gentle and her customized herbal blends work wonders. I can't recommend Ashley enough!
Ashley's clinic provided me a full healing experience. I came to Ashley really discouraged about a recurring and persistent bladder and kidney issue that I...
Ashley helped me through infertility and now my son is 3 months. She is the best!!
Ashley is a gem! She is kind, attentive, and knowledgeable. She is also generous with resources and discerning with regard to supplements. Ashley only recommends what she believes to be essential. I ask a lot of questions and she addresses each and every one with patience and grace. I trust that I will see the life changing benefits of her care for years to come. I highly recommend Four Flowers Wellness.
Had my first accupuncture experience ever today with Ashley at Four Flowers. It felt like magic. I have chroinic on and off shoulder and shoulderblade pain due to scoliosis. My SIL has been singing Ashley's praises for some time, and now I got to experience it myself. I was very happy with the treatment, and plan to go back routinely.
Ashley is the best Acupuncturist I've ever been too. She takes her time to get to know her patients and work on their health and wellness goals. 1st time I've experienced an Acupuncturist and it wasn't painful. I HIGHLY recommend this clinic.
Ashley is wonderful! She was so informative and kind to listen to me and answer all of my questions. I was in Chicago for work for 2 months and was so happy to have found such a great place to get acupuncture from. I came to her for help with my hormones. Not only did she help me with that, but also with some chronic upper back and neck pain. I hope I work in Chicago again soon so that I can come in for another session! Highly, highly recommend!
Ashley is wonderful! She was so informative and kind to listen to me and answer all of my questions. I was in Chicago for work for 2 months and was so happy to have found such a great place to get acupuncture from. I came to her for help with my hormones. Not only did she help me with that, but also with some chronic upper back and neck pain. I hope I work in Chicago again soon so that I can come in for another session! Highly, highly recommend!
Ashley is very welcoming and easy to talk to. She pays attention to detail and asks applicable lifestyle questions to make sure all boxes are checked. I have left each session extremely relaxed and refreshed.
I highly recommend Ashley Flores. She has helped achieve our dream of becoming parents. I started seeing Ashley in the Beginning of August and by September I found out i was pregnant. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.
Ashley is a gentle and knowledgeable practitioner of Japanese-style acupuncture (smaller, delicate needles) and shiatsu (invigorating while relaxing massage) who I have seen for years. She does a great job, is very kind, and will also tell you lots about stretching, diet, and other self care that you can do to help yourself in between sessions. I have always felt good results that help with muscle tension, colds, digestion, and emotions/mood. I feel confident you will be satisfied with her work.
I went to see Ashley for treatment for my sinuses. After spending literally hundreds of dollars at specialists and ENTs, my chronic congestion and sinus pressure began to be alleviated after one initial visit here. I returned for monthly visits to complete my treatment and could not be more pleased with my experience and the outcome. I highly recommend Ashley and her practice!
This is my first acupuncture experience and it has truly been life-changing. I came to Ashley with a few areas to focus on and she has been able to address them wonderfully. I have not just benefited from the acupuncture, but the herbs and other evidence-based advice she has provided me with. Anyone looking for a knowledgeable, resourceful, patient-centered provider should seek out Ashley. Anyone who is hesitant or unsure about acupuncture should most definitely give it a try, you will not regret it
All good things to say about Ashley at Four Flowers Wellness. Visited consistently and have experience with other acupuncturists. My experience was relaxing and effective. I looked forward to it every week. Highly recommended.
I went to Ashley at the suggestion of my doctor when I was struggling with severe insomnia and wanted to explore non-pharmaceutical, non-addictive treatments. I'm so glad I found her. On the initial visit we had a comprehensive conversation - she's a wonderful listener - took my concerns seriously asked lots of follow up questions and never made me feel rushed. Ashley made several recommendations for practical implementable lifestyle changes, to be done in conjunction with the acupuncture and moxa treatments.The treatments themselves are something I began to look forward to. While the needle insertion can be a tiny bit uncomfortable, it takes an instant and as soon as they're all in it's actually an incredibly relaxing and meditative experience. Over several weeks I saw my sleep improve dramatically. Later, I began seeing her for shiatsu massage which has done wonders for a really tight neck and shoulders. I can't say enough good things about Ashley - she's been a lifesaver!
I started seeing Ashley at Four Flowers in the begining of January as my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. We had be trying for 6 months but wanted to maximize our chances as much as possible. Well lo and behold I got pregnant in February! I truly believe it was the help of acupuncture that got us here. I continued seeing Ashley until I reached 12 weeks. I am currently 22 and definitely planning to get back to Ashley to prepare me for birth. Ashley not only tried to treat me for fertility, but for acne, anxiety, lack of sleep, headaches, sore muscles and any other issue I mentioned to her. The sessions were pleasant and calming, with heated beds and heaters to keep you warm! I loved everything about the experience, Ashley was always welcoming and very sweet. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone experiencing even the slightest of issues.
I have been going to Ashley at Four Flowers for a couple of years now. With heavy work travel and stress, I often get headaches and tension in my shoulders and neck. My bi-monthly acupuncture appointments bring relief and help ease the tension in my body. I supplement my acupuncture treatments with shiatsu, which is also very helpful and I leave feeling refreshed and open. Ashley is an expert in her field, takes great care for her patients and creates a calm environment at the studio. In the chaos of daily life (work, family etc.) - Four Flowers is a welcome oasis to help heal and bring relaxation. I highly recommend working with Ashley at Four Flowers.
I was a first timer for acupuncture and have always been intrigued with the healing abilities that had previously knocked my brother of stopping cigarettes (after he tried nearly everything over almost 10 years of smoking). I learned about Four Flowers Wellness because I won a gift card at a silent auction. First of all, I love local businesses that give back to the community so that's worth mentioning. Because I don't really have to many pain points / ailments, I decided to try it out during my first pregnancy as a stress relief and preparation for labor. I really enjoyed my experience of prenatal acupuncture with Ashley. She was extremely informative, knowledgeable and personal. Disclaimer: I don't enjoy needles. That being said, it was not painful at all. Because the needles are so fine (remember, I'm a first timer so this is a review geared towards amateurs) there were just a few points had a bit more pressure and i flinched for a second but that was it. She put a warming lamp over my toes after all the needles were in and let me relax for a while. It was a slight numbing sensation similar to that of laying on the beach when the sun first starts warming your skin. Very relaxing. The morning after, I felt a bit "sore" but in a good way - like a VERY mild version of the kinda sore you feel after a good workout. I really look forward to going back for a follow up session and hope this helps "prepare" for labor and delivery (because I can use all the help I can get). Long story short: I highly recommend Ashley at Four Flowers Wellness. She knows what she is doing and is someone I'd trust referring friends and family to go to because I plan to go back myself!
Ashley is a wonderful acupuncturist. She is a great listener, and is very focused and technique driven during her session. When coming to see her you...
Ashley not only listens to your concerns but to your body as well. Last visit I had a cold that was gone within 24 hours of treatment. A relaxing environment and a soothing treatment. I love her recommendations of herbs upon leaving each visit. I highly recommend! Today Ashley got out a knot in my shoulder that has been affecting my range of motion with her magic needles. She is the best!