Surviving Sleep Deprivation: How to Manage the “Mama-Haze”

The Huffington Post 2016

Licensed acupuncturist and owner of Four Flower Wellness in Chicago, Ashley Flores speaks to the restorative potential of acupressure for new mothers. This centuries-old technique works similarly to acupuncture, but instead of using needles, the treatment is administered with the fingers. Flores suggests that applying acupressure to the Pericardium 5,6 and 7 points can be especially useful before going to sleep, as a means of moving away from wakefulness and toward rest.3 How to do it: The Pericardium 5, 6, and 7 points are found on the inside of the wrist. Look at the inside of the wrist and locate the 2 tendons in the center. (If they are not visible at first, flex the wrist back and forth until they are either seen or felt with the index finger.) Take the thumb of the opposite hand and place it 2 thumb widths up from the wrist crease towards the elbow. Place the thumb parallel to the wrist and begin to massage in a circular motion. Gentle pressure should be applied; enough to feel a bit of an ache on the spot but not pain. It does not matter which wrist is chosen first but do massage both sides for about 30 seconds to a minute, each.

Four Flowers Wellness in the Huffington Post

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