Root Cause Medicine

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Woman Receiving Acupuncture

Root cause medicine is a holistic view of the body that looks to address the reason why the body is not healing on its own. Treatments are chosen on an individual basis to alleviate symptoms and match the individual’s constitution and underlying pattern. The root refers to the constitution and includes patterns that may go back many years in the person’s life. The branches are the specific symptoms for which a person may be seeking treatment. Symptoms are the body’s way of communicating. By treating both the root and the branch, clients get both short-term alleviation of symptoms and deeper changes to their body’s tendencies that prevent the symptom from returning and lead to overall improvements in health over time.

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Why Choose East Asian Medicine?

East Asian Medicine is the original holistic medicine. We address the whole you and explore the connections between your health, your environment and lifestyle, and everything that makes you who you are. We work with you to fill your toolbox with holistic tools that will address your health from the root and lay a strong foundation for a vital and fulfilling life.