Botanical Therapy

Herbs and botanicals are some of the most powerful healing tools that nature has to offer. 





Preparing Herbal Medicine

Botanical therapy, or herbal medicine, is a profound treatment and an important branch of East Asian Medicine. The Chinese herbal medicine tradition includes a range of over 300 natural medicinal roots, leaves, herbs, spices, and minerals. Many of the herbs used are common kitchen spices, such as cinnamon and ginger. Individual herbs are blended into formulas containing between 4 and 20 different herbs. Formulas are customized for each person, taking into account their symptoms, constitution, and health history. Many of these formulas have been in use for hundreds of years, giving modern-day herbalists the benefit of years of traditional experience.

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Why Choose East Asian Medicine?

East Asian Medicine is the original holistic medicine. We address the whole you and explore the connections between your health, your environment and lifestyle, and everything that makes you who you are. We work with you to fill your toolbox with holistic tools that will address your health from the root and lay a strong foundation for a vital and fulfilling life.