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Four Flowers Wellness is an East Asian Medicine healthcare practice located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. We provide individually tailored treatments including acupuncture, herbal medicine, shiatsu massage, Eastern nutrition and lifestyle advice. Working closely with each client to create treatments that address their unique body, mind, and condition allows us to build trust and get to the root of health. By restoring health from the deepest root out to the highest branch, we ensure relief from symptoms and increased vitality that are lasting and real.

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Our specialty is in women’s health, prenatal care, and fertility. We also have extensive experience with chronic pain conditions, and mental-emotional conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

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I’ve gone to Ashley Flores for acupuncture on a regular basis.  Every time I leave her office I feel completely relieved of my stress and ailments.  She has helped relieve my back pain, stomach pain, female “issues” and the stress brought on by my every day life.   Ashley is extremely calming in her nature, she asks thorough questions and has a way of making me feel very relaxed.  Extremely professional with a caring nature.


I had a consultation with Ashley for acupuncture. She is extremely knowledgeable and I immediately felt like I could really open up to her. I was not rushed at all and she followed up with me after a few days. The acupuncture itself was amazing and my body felt like it was in another world – if you’re interested in Acupuncture definitely see Ashley.


After my massage with Ashley, I felt so relaxed but energized at the same time. She is very talented and professional.


Great Massage!

I am seeing Ashley for acupuncture and herbal treatments regularly. In just 3 treatments my symptoms are resolving and I feel better. She is fully present and takes the time to listen to me at each appointment. Her healing presence, years of experience and knowledge of the healing arts is bringing my body into harmony and wholeness. I am very pleased with the deep healing and increased energy. May you and your loved ones receive blessings upon blessings. Thank you, Ashley.


I was able to be vulnerable and honest with Ashley right away, which made my acupuncture session really incredible. Ashley is calm, welcoming, empathetic, and very easy to understand. She is exactly what you want to be around when you want this experience. Thank you!


Ashley is excellent at what she does. She is professional, knowledgeable, clear and compassionate. I have tried several types of bodywork in my life, and I very strongly recommend Shiatsu with Ashley. I chose to do a series of Shiatsu sessions to get my body and mind off to the right start. So I did one session every week for 4 weeks, and then moved to one session a month to maintain. It is worth the money, and in fact, is a bargain considering how much my life has changed since I first tried Shiatsu. I noticed immediate and huge benefits following the very first session, and in each session afterwards. Some key benefits I noticed were: immediate and long-term relief from TMJ (I had surgery for jaw clenching, and this is a severe issue for me), decreased stress levels, better focus on my work and personal goals, a balanced overall feeling of wellness and happiness, increased circulation, and a huge increase in flexibility in my shoulders, back, hips and legs. You must do this. It can be life changing! Especially if you look at it as investment in your health and future!


My Shiatsu session with Ashley yesterday was simply amazing. I still feel the effects of it. Today, I feel free in my own body; I feel free of pain. I feel taller, looser and in general, much happier and stress free. Additionally, I can feel muscles I haven’t felt in years, and have regained flexibility. I have already booked another appointment, as I see Shiatsu as a way to create real and permanent change in my body, and improve my overall health. Don’t hesitate. Work with Ashley NOW.


Outstanding Shiatsu

I really enjoyed my first acupuncture experience. Ashley has a calm, knowledgable way about her that made me feel comfortable. The consultation was not rushed, it felt like she was truly absorbing my history and goals. I didn’t immediately feel a “change” that I can describe, but as days go by I feel tension patterns dissipating, which is thrilling. I will absolutely be returning to Ashley at Four Flowers Wellness!


Great First Experience!

Ashley is a wonderful acupuncturist. She is a great listener, and is very focused and technique driven during her session. When coming to see her you definitely feel that she is really actively finding all the pieces of the puzzle and working through them so you get the best results. I appreciate every single visit I have with her.

Regular sessions with her have helped my acne, anxiety, stress, menstrual cycle, and best of all- sleep! Most of my life I’ve spent tossing and turning, waking up every few hours. I now sleep much more soundly, consistently. I highly recommend!

Kat A

Ashley not only listens to your concerns but to your body as well. Last visit I had a cold that was gone within 24 hours of treatment. A relaxing environment and a soothing treatment. I love her recommendations of herbs upon leaving each visit. I highly recommend! Today Ashley got out a knot in my shoulder that has been affecting my range of motion with her magic needles. She is the best!

Lori S.

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