Chinese herbal medicineHerbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is an important branch of East Asian medicine, and a powerful treatment on its own or in combination with acupuncture. Eastern herbal medicine includes a range of 300 natural medicinals: roots, leaves, herbs, spices, and minerals. Many of the herbs used are common kitchen spices, such as cinnamon and ginger. Herbs are blended into herbal formulas, or recipes, containing between 4 and 20 different herbs. Formulas are customized for each person, taking into account their symptoms, constitution, and health history. Many of the base formulas have been in use for many hundreds of years, giving modern day herbalists the benefit of knowing exactly which formula has been safe and effective for which conditions.

I mix custom formulas in the office using powdered herb extracts from Evergreen Herbs. These extracts can be mixed with hot water to form a tea, just like instant coffee. I find the extracts to be effective, easy to take, and still allow the customization of loose herbs. I chose Evergreen Herbs because they are rigorously tested and very high quality- meaning safe and effective.